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There are 11 free meditation apps available for both Android and iOS.


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It is general knowledge that regular meditation practice is a direct path to achieving mental tranquility as well as greater self-awareness. However, there are times when it seems that hiring a professional guide for the sessions would be too much of a burden.

You may thank modern technology for the fact that you can now meditate with nothing more than your mobile device. You may achieve a calmer state of mind with the assistance of one of the many free meditation applications available for both Android and iOS.

These applications offer a variety of mindfulness practices that may be used to deal with stress, anxiety, and other issues related to emotional regulation. In addition, the meditation sessions in these applications begin after just three minutes, making it possible for anybody to include meditation into their daily routine.

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The 11 greatest applications in the category are listed below for your perusal and consideration. Have a peek!

The Meditation of My Life

The MyLife Meditation app will teach you how to attain inner calm in less than half an hour by guiding you through a series of guided meditations.

The primary purpose of this application is to instruct you in practical mindfulness practices that do not need a lot of time investment on your part. Every time you open the app, it will inquire as to your state of mind and general well-being in order to tailor its functionality to your preferences, mood, and requirements.

On top of that, the app guides you through a variety of meditation practices, ensuring that you won’t get exhausted from doing the same same exercises over and over again. There are many various types of meditation, and you may choose the one that best suits your needs at any given time. For instance, there is a method of breathing that may assist you in maintaining control over your emotions.

In addition, there are awareness efforts tailored to both newcomers and more seasoned users of the app. As a result, the programs geared at beginners will be condensed to reduce the amount of stress they cause. The program also contains a screen that tracks your development, both physically and emotionally, called the progress page.

You may check in with yourself both before and after meditating with this tool to observe how it impacts you. You can also set up a timetable for meditation, and the app will send you reminders at the appropriate times to stop whatever you’ve been doing and focus on your breathing.

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Omvana Is a Meditation Technique Designed to Improve Performance and Flow States

Omvana is another another software that, through the practice of meditation, may help you realize your full potential.

This app is devoted to the types of sessions that may increase your productivity in a variety of different domains. In addition, the app has coverage of programs that may help you decrease stress and anxiety, improve your attention, and even assist you in getting a better night’s sleep.

The software is pre-loaded with courses that range in length from three minutes to one hour and may be completed in any order. As a result, everyone has the opportunity to choose a practice that is suitable for the amount of work they do each day. In addition, the app will expertly guide you through each stage of the reflections, so you won’t need to worry about missing anything.

In addition, you will be able to choose whether you have no prior mediation experience or extensive experience, and the program that is presented to you as a result of this information will change accordingly. Additionally, the app gives you the ability to customize the sessions in accordance with the amount of time you have available and the location you are in at the moment.

Additionally, you have the ability to adjust the volume of the session and save to your favorites the sessions that you appreciate the best. It is also possible to combine the different sessions that you discover to be the most beneficial. In addition to this, the app will provide you with meditation sessions that may assist you in achieving the objectives that you have set for yourself by allowing you to input those goals.

Insight Timer: Meditation, Sleep, and Music Insight Timer: Meditation, Sleep, and Music

Insight Timer is an app for awareness that may assist you in addressing your concerns and improving your overall health and wellbeing.

This application comes pre-loaded with meditation sessions and mantras that have been compiled by some of the foremost meditation specialists, trainers, analyzers, and many others in the world. The primary purpose of this application is to instruct you on how to calm your mind, improve the quality of your sleep, and become an overall happy person.

As a result, the app now has over forty thousand different meditation sessions, and brand new ones are being uploaded on a daily basis. Because every meditation tackles a different set of challenges, you can always discover one that is tailor-made to your state of mind and specific requirements.

In addition, each and every one of the programs is monitored, and participants will thus be given step-by-step instructions. The app also includes guided meditations of varying lengths, ranging from those that are less than a minute long to those that go on for more than an hour.

In addition, there are some compilations of sessions designed specifically for beginners that might assist you in developing the practice of meditation into a regular routine. There is also a large selection of relaxing audios that you may listen to in order to help you unwind. You may even follow your favorite guide to ensure that you don’t miss any of his upcoming sessions.

The Headspace App Helps You Meditate While You Sleep

The meditation software Headspace is well-known all over the globe and provides users with a great deal of valuable sessions.

The fact that this software has several shorter reflections that are condensed copies of the longer ones is by far the most interesting feature about it. Therefore, you may obtain the spectacular effect even if you just spend ten minutes every day meditating, which is great news for those of you guys who are always on the go.

When the software says that it has a wide variety of training sessions to accommodate any circumstance, it is not exaggerating the extent of its capabilities. There is a whole area of SOS reflections that you can use to rapidly calm down and conduct a variety of different activities, and you can find it here. Even young toddlers may benefit from practicing meditation.

This program allows you to settle all of these sessions according to your own desire, which is another incentive to check it out. Therefore, you may customize any session to meet your needs by specifying the amount of time you have available for it and the location where you want to carry out the training. You also have the ability to regulate the loudness of the sessions to a level that is comfortable for you.

In the event that you have trouble falling or staying asleep, the app includes a selection of soothing music that might assist you in overcoming these challenges. In addition, there are a number of programs designed just for beginners that will teach you how to start meditating and how to make it a regular practice.

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Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

The app known simply as “Calm” is now the most widely used tool for practicing mindfulness.

The software includes guided meditations for those with no prior experience as well as more advanced practitioners. If this is your first time attempting meditation, the app will guide you through a brief session designed to keep you from becoming bored or exhausted throughout your practice. In addition, the sessions will be scheduled in such a manner that they will eventually turn into a daily routine for you.

In addition to that, the training courts in this application take anywhere from three to twenty-five minutes, which means that you may exercise even if you don’t have a lot of spare time. Because each session is designed to accomplish a certain goal, you can always discover one that corresponds to the state of mind you are now in. In addition to that, the sessions are led by well-known individuals.

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, the app comes preloaded with soothing music and mantras that may play in the background to help you relax and go to sleep. In addition, if you struggle to organize your breathing, the app also includes workouts to help you do so.

Because the number of courses is increased almost every day, you will never find yourself without new information to study. There are also classes available for children up to the age of seventeen. The application also includes a meditation log that records your progress throughout the session as well as your emotions before and after it.

Relaxation with Guided Meditation and Mindful Awareness

You may achieve a more tranquil state of mind with the assistance of the software called Serenity.

This app’s whole approach to learning, from the way it is designed to how it functions, is founded on the principle of simplicity. The app has a large collection of varied meditation sessions that may assist you in achieving inner tranquility in many different aspects of your life.

Because of this, each and every session and lesson included inside this program is overseen to ensure that even if you are just beginning your journey in meditation, you will be successful. It goes without saying that the tone of the narrator’s voice is soothing and peaceful, which is an excellent fit considering the purpose of the session. There are also sessions in which celebrities provide the narration themselves.

In addition, each of the mindfulness practices is arranged according to the goal that they serve, ensuring that you will not get lost or confused in the process. Sessions are available for lowering levels of tension and anxiety, increasing levels of self-awareness, and even improving sleep quality.

The length of the classes vary anything from five minutes to a whole hour and a half. In this method, you will be able to choose the option that best fits into your schedule of available time. You also have the ability to adjust the loudness of the sessions to a level that is comfortable for you. In addition, the sessions were organized in such a manner that the reflections might eventually turn into a habit for you.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind Smiling Mind is an app for increasing self-awareness that will assist you in incorporating reflection into your day-to-day activities.

The application has more than a hundred different sessions that may be used for a wide variety of purposes. But the best part is that there are many different portions, and the total number of sessions is sufficient for you to not get exhausted while also avoiding feeling overwhelmed by the material presented.

The software is really well structured, and all of the different sessions have been grouped together into different packs, as was previously indicated. Therefore, there are programs that help you become more self-aware on a fundamental level, such as the one that teaches you how to sleep better, the one that teaches you how to improve your relationships, and even the ones that teach you how to construct a better work routine.

Because there is no set sequence in which to listen to the program, you may begin with whatever segment best addresses the requirements you have at the moment. The majority of the sessions last anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, which brings us to the question of how long they really are.

Nevertheless, there are some more advanced sessions that may go on for up to fifty-five minutes. There is no need to worry about that since each and every session is carefully monitored, and the narration is designed to be calming and pleasant.

Ten percent more contentment may be gained via meditation and sleep

Ten Percent Happier

As you may have guessed from the name of the app, Ten Percent Happier is a meditation-based tool that will make your life ten percent happier.

The idea behind this software is based on the novel of the same name, which had considerable popularity after its first publication. This application serves as a kind of guidance for those who are unsure as to whether or not contemplation is the key to attaining self-awareness.

As a result, the application comes pre-loaded with a variety of distinct programs, each of which is capable of assisting you in bringing more equilibrium to a certain facet of your life. Additionally, the application receives updates on a weekly basis, ensuring that you will never be without content at this moment. These sessions will help you cope with the worry, reduce the tension, and gain control over your emotions so that you can go forward with your life.

The remarkable feature of this application is that it does not only provide you with guided sessions; rather, it allows you to genuinely make relationships with your lecturers and provides an open forum for all of your inquiries. In addition, there are specialized training programs designed just for beginners that may assist you in developing a habit. These programs just consist of a few minutes at a time, so you won’t feel overworked or exhausted by them. You have the ability to customize the sessions down to the smallest of elements, so that they more closely adhere to your tastes.

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Timing Device for Unguided Meditation

unguided 3

Nearly everyone in today’s contemporary society is conversant with the practice of meditation, or has at the very least been aware of its existence. If you dig a little further, you’ll realize that it needs a specialized timer, which is something that this post is going to talk about later on.

In a nutshell, this timer gives you the ability to change the length of your meditation sessions. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to focus on the most significant roles, which are as follows:

meditating in the anapanic state
meditation that is insightful
Vipassan meditation
The developers have created the simplest and most user-friendly interface they possibly could in order to maximize the experience for the end user. In addition, the software provides the user with the option to choose between eight distinct gong sounds, making it possible for them to feel as relaxed and at ease as possible.

Therefore, in order to get started with meditation, you will need the following:

Make any necessary adjustments to the meditation timer, then hit the “start” button. Inhale and exhale as you do so.
This app is designed for those who are true experts in the fields of spirituality and aesthetics. Take advantage of the meditation timer and focus on finding harmony with the world in this very now.

Sattva – Meditation App

Sattva Meditations

The Sattva app is one that includes any and all kind of meditation sessions that you could possibly imagine.

This application includes sessions that will be entertaining for meditators of all levels of experience, from beginners to gurus. If you are unfamiliar with mindfulness, you may get your feet wet with straightforward and brief exercises that run for around six minutes. You may train a rule by setting a reminder that will remind you to practice it. This is useful if your goal is to train a rule.

You may also establish goals and track your progress via the various metrics as you work toward achieving them. And if you’ve already got some experience under your belt, you may want to try out lengthier sessions that can run for nearly a whole hour at a time. You have access to over a hundred different sessions and mantras, and the number of these options is always expanding.

In addition to that, you may adjust the level of the sessions, and if the narration makes it difficult for you to concentrate, you can even try taking the courses without any audio at all. Each of the sessions is organized into a separate bundle to ensure that you do not get confused. These bundles include not only the sessions for relieving stress and anxiety, but also the ones for soothing the mind and the ones that boost your energy levels.

Relaxing Music for Breathing, Meditation, and Sleep


And last, Breethe is an app that will assist you in improving your overall health and well-being.

This application provides access to a number of different self-awareness programs that may be of great assistance to you on your journey toward personal development. Because each of the sessions is organized into a separate themed pack, the convention is very simple to explore. Some programs help you to feel less stressed, educate you on how to appreciate yourself, and encourage you to reflect on your life.

There are programs available for both experienced users and novices, so there is no need to worry about any of those groups. The beginner’s courses are shorter in length so as not to overwhelm you, and each one is completely voice-overd. In the event that you are not completely new to the practice of meditating, you may experiment with lengthier sessions and even quiet ones.

Additionally, you have the ability to customize the alerts so that they give you inspirational phrases or prompt you to practice. You may also track how far you’ve come in practicing mindfulness. Even workshops that help you overcome difficulties sleeping and teach you how to better manage your job are available.

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