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Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android

Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

In this age of increasing digitization, one of the most important questions that has to be addressed is that of personal privacy. Our smartphones do a rather decent job of securing the photographs and movies stored on them, but what can be done if an unauthorized person gains access to a user’s mobile device?

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

On this page, we have compiled a list of the finest free applications available for the iPhone and Android platforms that enable users to conceal their photographs and videos. In addition, if you are seeking for applications that can assist you in hiding anything on your phone, we strongly suggest that you read the post that we have written about the phony calculator apps that may be used to hide things on your device.

Keepsafe Photo Vault

When it comes to programs that are specifically designed to hide photographs and videos, Keepsafe is often regarded as one of the most reliable options. To protect your gallery, it has a personal identification number (PIN) lock that you may configure. You have the option of configuring a fingerprint touch ID or encryption if you choose not to use numbers.

Keepsafe is compatible with both mobile phones and tablets, so you may use it as best suits your needs. In addition to safeguarding your memories, it has a plethora of additional options that may assist you in arranging your documents, films, and photographs. For instance, it has a built-in camera, allowing users to capture pictures without ever leaving the app itself.

To better organize your gallery, you can create individualized albums and give them titles, which will make it much simpler to locate the required photograph.

After that, you assign a protection mechanism to a certain album so that you may keep some areas of the phone open while safeguarding others.

Because this program also has a backup feature, there is absolutely no risk that you will lose any of your priceless photographs. The feature known as Trash Recovery will restore everything that you could have deleted inadvertently.

Keepsafe allows you to transfer photographs for a limited amount of time thanks to its Safe Send feature, which means that you can share your photos with the peace of mind that no one will be able to access them for an extended period of time.

Keepsafe is an app that should be installed on all of your devices since it includes a synchronization feature that enables you to see your material on any platform. Installing this software will be handy. Hide

Keepsafe has its own storage in the cloud, and it links all of your devices to that cloud storage. If you think that the storage on your phone is becoming full, you may clear some space by uploading some of the photos in your gallery to the cloud.

In general, it is a really helpful program that does not include any advertisements and enables you to conceal information from other people’s view.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

Vaulty: Hide Pictures Videos

Another well-known software for Android that may be used to conceal photographs and videos. You have the option of using a PIN code, a text password, or even a fingerprint to quickly and simply open your gallery. This is in addition to the well-known approach of using a PIN code to secure albums or vaults that you want to establish.

You are free to build an unlimited number of vaults and assign a unique method of access to each of them individually. This manner, you may safeguard the contents of everything else on your smartphone while still granting access to parts of your vaults to individuals you know and trust.

The software has a backup capability in the event that you misplace or destroy your mobile device.

You are able to save your private photographs and even back them up on another device.

In the event that anybody attempts to enter your gallery, you will be able to identify them. Every time someone enters an incorrect password, Vaulty snaps a picture of the potential breacher. If it’s just you, try not to worry and look at some old photos of yourself instead.

Have you ever needed to install a different video player on your phone in order to play a file type that the phone itself is unable to handle? There is no need to worry about this while using Vaulty since it is able to play any video that you have saved on your phone and can also save in its own memory.

Launch Vaulty, choose an album by tapping on its cover, select the files you want to conceal, and then hit the lock icon at the top of the screen. Only then will your albums be protected. Very straightforward. When you download photos and videos from the internet, you have the option of saving them straight to your vaults by choosing Vaulty as the sharing method of choice from the drop-down menu.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

HiddenVault Secret Photo Album

This service is the best for hiding iOS photos and videos. HiddenVault is a multifunctional platform with several built-in features to make smartphone usage as safe as possible.

Since your files are presumably in the cloud or a third-party server, giving any software access to them is dangerous. HiddenVault is currently unique.

Since your phone lacks external storage, it will save your photos and videos. Thus, the program lowers hacker attacks.

The app uses Zero-Knowledge security. This protects your data without affecting them and prevents the platform from accessing them.

You may create unique albums and password-protect them. PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID are your authentication options.

HiddenVault handles graphics and passwords concurrently. This lets you protect a password with another. The average American has 150 accounts, so a safe password manager is essential.

HiddenVault may help you trust other apps and services by setting up sign-ins. The program’s makers say it doesn’t save sensitive data, so your password is safe and you don’t have to remember it every time you login in.

Internet privacy is one of the biggest issues, even if it’s not the main topic. HiddenVault includes a sleek web browser for anonymous online browsing. Bookmarks let you easily and privately browse any website you desire.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

Private Photo Vault

This program has several of our previously discussed functionalities. Private Photo Vault password-protects your gallery albums. You may use a PIN, pattern, dot, or Face ID or Touch ID here.

The program encrypts all data. You can only access the vaults, according to the group. Private Photo Vault protects phone memory as everything is kept straight there. Thus, it has no data backup.

With a built-in image editor and slideshow functionality, the app can perform all the functions of a phone gallery while retaining a simple and user-friendly design. Its private browser lets users safely surf the Internet and store photos and videos to vault albums.

If you like, you may share photos right from the app. You may email or text a photo. You may upload files to Private Photo Vault using a gallery app.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

Hide Photos Video -Hide it Pro

Another software that has an almost unimaginably large number of features. On the other hand, it is going to take some time for you and anybody else may be there to figure out what is going on.

The problem is that the application has a cover story. On the screen, there won’t be a vault symbol for anybody, either you or anyone else. The application is concealed beneath a fully operational utility called Audio Manager. Audio Manager, which allows users to change the level by increasing and decreasing it, may be substituted with a calculator or another tool that won’t attract as much attention.

The application is difficult to locate on the primary screen, but the recent list makes it much more challenging to do so. Hide it Pro cannot be traced and will immediately vanish from the page after use.

You have a variety of choices for a password right here, including a personal identification number (pin), a real text password, or a pattern. You also have the option of using a fingerprint or your face to unlock the device.

Hide it Pro includes a variety of helpful options for organizing and storing one’s photographs and movies. You are able to conduct private conversations and calls, as well as access the Internet using an in-built browser.

You can now secure the safety of all of your applications, not just the ones that save images, which is the last but not least feature. Experience total peace of mind with free cloud storage that comes equipped with a backup feature.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

As the name implies, 1Gallery’s functionality is limited to protecting your photos and videos. It replaces your phone’s gallery and has several functions.

Each file was encrypted using AES. Before using, establish a password. Choose a code, pattern, or fingerprint.

The program can handle RAW, panoramic, and SVG images, even though it focuses on photos. A built-in editor lets you clip, rotate, filter, resize, and cut video.

The software simplifies picture transmission if you swap phones. First, create a folder that you can access in your new device’s Gallery app. Signing in using an email address allows the service to identify your profile.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

LockMyPix encrypts photos and videos using AES.

The app is sleek. The main screen is so amazing that no matter how you enter your vault—with a PIN, Face ID, Touch ID, fingerprint function, or normal password—you will always feel like you are accessing top-secret storage containing state secrets.

It’s also true that state banks and organizations use AES.

To safeguard your data from intruders, you may build a Fake Vault with its own password. Covert decoy lets you trace unauthorized file accessers. The program takes an image of everyone who attempts to enter your house, so you’ll always know.

Instead of the actual vault on the screen, you will be given a radio or calculator to store your secrets. You alone know how much is hidden behind a basic and working application.

LockMyPix does not have ads, so you may edit your files without interruption.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

The app offers data organization features. Its filter lets you deal with audio, video, and picture files separately.

The intuitive user interface is comparable to traditional file storage. However, the layout is outdated and resembles a video game system’s main menu.

If you accidentally delete this folder from the data storage, you will lose all your secrets and the application that protects them. Before destroying it, remove the protection as the protected files will also be gone.

It’s a simple, reliable option. If you’re a beginner worried about file system data loss, look for a solution with cloud storage.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

Calculator Photo Vault

Another practical calculator that can safeguard whatever you feel the need to safeguard.

The software is designed to have the least complicated interface possible. It is simply referred to as a Calculator and has the appearance of the most basic calculator one could imagine. On the other hand, a comprehensive functions panel enables you to solve any and all mathematical conundrums.

And the primary task that is expected of you is to enter a numeric PIN directly into the panel that is designated for numerical input on the calculator. A little of the more sophisticated maths right this way.

However, we are not discussing how accurate it is as a calculator; rather, we are interested in how well it can keep your confidences hidden. The safe deposit box provides you with a helpful filter that enables you to locate everything you need in a matter of seconds.

Pictures, real files, movies, PDFs, and Excel formats make up the various components of the files. You also have the option of setting your custom groups to be either Cats or Dogs.

Calculator also has a secret browsing mode and a capability for taking selfies with an invader. You may increase your level of protection by constructing an additional false vault to deceive anybody who would otherwise attempt to access your real one.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

Hide Pictures & Videos – FotoX

It has a high rating on PlayMarket, and hundreds of users have already given it access to photographs and videos that they would want to keep private.

When it comes to the various protection techniques, you have the option of using a fingerprint, a password, or a code, or you can go with the Fake Crash approach, which requires you to simulate the crashing of the application.

This service is a comprehensive and fully functioning multipurpose file manager. You are able to manage your folders, as well as shoot and record new photos and videos without leaving the app. Simply pressing a button labeled “new folder” will cause the creation of a new folder. The default color scheme in Fotox is a soothing light green, but you may alter this to any other color you choose at any moment. The interface is also quite user-friendly.

Your pictures may be seen in a gallery in their original form, but you won’t be able to make any changes to them since the software displays them as files rather than as visual images. You have the option to transfer them to different directories, rename them, copy them, or rename them.

Naturally, you also have the option to remove them and share photos with other FotoX users straight from the application. Since the app’s Cloud storage handles its backup operations, you will need to sign in before you can synchronize your photographs with the cloud. The Cloud currently has a free storage capacity of 5 GB.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

Secret photos – KYMS

AES Encryption and real-time decryption provide KYMS military-grade security. This approach is useful since you can view files without waiting for them to be encrypted. You may quickly open them here, and the decryption will happen automatically.

The program supports non-standard video and document formats. Mkv, Wmv, Avi, Flv, and other video formats, as well as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Pages files, may be secured.

The app’s built-in browser lets you upload files from the camera, gallery, iTunes, your PC or Mac, or the web. It has private bookmarks and history.

The “Panic Gesture” lets you swiftly log out and shut off an app by covering the screen with your hand.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

GalleryVault – Hide Photo Video

GalleryVault is the simplest straightforward service of its kind that one could possibly imagine. It has a sleek appearance to help your experience go as smoothly as possible, and it is one of the simplest, so if you are concerned that you will get lost in the process, this one is a wonderful option for you to begin with.

You will need to generate a password or a passcode that is compatible with Touch ID and a Face so that you can sign in to your account in a matter of seconds. Doing so will allow you to keep your data secure.

The application conceals its icon in order to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your data. You may also find out who tried to access your phone by using a support alerts system that captures a picture of an intruder and sends it to you.

You are free to alter the name and appearance of the application as well as build something entirely new in order to protect your privacy while using it. Hide

Y ou have the option of selecting one of the basic designs that GalleryVault provides for its users.

You may immediately download photos by using one of the browsers that you have installed. Because there is no concealing restriction, you are free to safeguard an unlimited number of films and photographs.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

Best Secret Folder

After you have completed the installation of this software, you will see that it does just as its name suggests it will. It is a collection of password-protected folders that you may use to organize and save your films and photographs. Hide

It might be difficult to locate the symbol for the Secret Folder on the screen. You will have complete confidence in the safety of your data if you equip yourself with a standard toolkit of entryways.

You may upload files into the application via a variety of different approaches. In order to have the greatest possible experience with your enormous personal library, you have the ability to create an endless number of folders for organization purposes. Your material will remain neatly arranged this manner, and you will have no trouble locating any of it at any time.

You are free to delete and rename any filled folders in your vault in order to personalize it. You are able to send them by e-mail simply from inside the application itself.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

Someone said that there may be an excessive amount of calculators, but we already have one and even several of them here. Whoever stated that was wrong. Especially considering that we are not just talking about a simple one, but also one that has a hash?

In all seriousness, it is claimed to be the most feature-packed application currently available on the market. It is compatible with practically any file type that may possibly exist, including films, images, documents, notes, passwords, and even to-do lists and contact information. Hide

You have the ability to conceal everything you want from the gallery and adjust the features that erase things automatically. Take use of a web browser that is incorporated right inside the vault to download files quickly and easily. Everything else, including the Password Manager, Wallet, Secure Notes, Reminder, To-Do lists, Contact Manager, and Importer, is included as well.

Connecting the app to a cloud storage provider such as Dropbox allows you to create backups of your tour’s secrets. As can be seen, it has a high degree of adaptability and functionality.

 15 Free Apps to Hide Photos and Videos On iPhone & Android photos files vault videos 

Google Files

You may set Google Files safety filters if you do not want to download any third-party applications to your mobile device. This is a simple and sophisticated approach to ensuring your data is protected.

To conceal sensitive information inside Google Files, including photos, videos, audio files, and documents, as well as anything else that may be uploaded there, all you have to do is create a Safe Folder. Hide

Since of this, individuals who have access to your phone will be able to tell that you have a hidden vault because you won’t be able to conceal it at all. However, they are still without a 4-digit PIN number to access the contents of the package. Be very careful not to forget the code, since it will be difficult to reset the device in the future if you do.

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