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Free Cable TV Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)


10 Free Cable TV Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Everyone sometimes wants to unwind and forget about themselves for a while while watching television, movies, or the news. However, it is possible to do it for nothing at all, without subscriptions, registration, and sometimes even advertising.

10 Free Cable TV Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

We’ve gathered a number of current-style, free cable TV applications. And you may find additional live TV applications in this page.

AnthymTV | Cable TV Reinvented

Instead of the normal well-known channels like ABC or Hulu, all the material is categorized here, substantially accelerating and streamlining your search for the ideal show. There are a total of four categories, including:

  • Free services
  • various channels
  • Cable snags

AnthymTV-created channels

Additionally, the programming on the channels is appropriate for all preferences. There is crime, humor, athletics, the American frontier, and more.

The channels are all top-notch and not overloaded. You may rewind for no more than 30 seconds if required. Rewind or forward arrows are available for quick rewinding, as well as forward by 5 or 15 seconds. You may alter the playback speed or pause the show.

A different tab contains sitcoms, miniseries, and documentaries. Intriguing material includes old American films, westerns, dramas, horror films, and other genres.

Articles are something you wouldn’t expect to find in this app. Even if there aren’t many of them, the ones that are here are pertinent and will keep you occupied for a few minutes with current events.

AnthymTV | Cable TV Reinvented2

Stremium: Live TV

one of the most intelligent programs for cable TV viewing. The most popular American channels are listed on the homepage, and thoughtfully, you can see the name of the program that is presently airing on each channel by hovering your cursor over its name.

Each channel provides a preview of the program that will follow the current show and what will be coming up next. The app conveniently notes the day and hour that a certain episode will premiere. If you discover an intriguing show among the ones that are planned, feel free to make plans to watch as the prediction is provided two days in advance.

Some of the most well-known American channels, like HSN, NASA, TBN, Nosey, and even some specific children’s channels, are available on the app. A number of music stations that play anything from mainstream music to alternative rock and dance complete this range.

Any program may be fast-forwarded or rewinded by 5 or 10 seconds, but sadly, you cannot alter the work’s pace and you cannot quickly switch to another channel in the player of one channel, which is fairly difficult given the structure of television.

Favorite channels may be added, and a separate button on the side of the screen filters out all the others to display just your favorites. Stremium has a feature not seen in any other series: the ability to connect to your service provider in order to expand the number of channels.

Stremium: Live TV1


Specifically showcasing channels and their associated material is FREECABLE TV’s area of expertise. The 170 channels on the app offer material from more than 2,200 programs that the entire family will love. And that is without signing up or subscribing.

There are eleven categories in all for categorizing channels. Both the stream and the player’s user-friendly interfaces will keep you engrossed for a few hours.



TikiLIVE is a platform for viewing a variety of content, including cable TV, specific channels, timed apps, and themed choices of movies and documentaries. You may browse movies with brief descriptions from all across the globe.

Program and channel names may be found on the list of cable channels. The time and the channels that are on are shown by an arrow on the hour bar. There is also a schedule of the music that will be played. Watch more than 60 stations in live mode with a range of themes.

You can swipe between the channels on the player, but you can’t modify the pace or go back and forth.

Because the movies are shown in full-screen mode, which produces an immersive impression, there is a description and time of when the show began and when it will conclude at the bottom.

Free access to popular movies, videos, and snippets. With up to sixteen categories and more than a thousand hours of watching time, there are movies for every taste.


Plex: Stream Movies & TV

Plex is more than just a cable TV utility; it is a high-quality and comprehensive service for streaming renowned films for nothing and quickly. You may locate stuff for people of every age by using the more than a hundred categories that have been created.

A program that is planned for the next week by the hour is available on the main channel menu. There is a desirable search that you often overlook adding to most comparable applications, and it makes it much simpler to locate by searching not just by title but also by actor, cue, and genre.

But as was already noted, in addition to ordinary TV, Plex also provides more than a hundred movies, some of which are well-known, as well as reality TV.

All movies are divided into categories, and the feeds include posters for the most well-liked films in each category. Additionally, you may search and create a favorites list.

Plex offers a fully-featured TIDAL player for listening to music in addition to the music channels. It contains solely previews of both the newest songs and classics of popular music. This integration is quite unexpected.

Plex: Stream Movies & TV2

VivaLive TV

There are just two drawbacks to this application: the Spanish interface and the absence of several channels. The interface is fairly apparent because to the symbols above the category titles, albeit certain channels may be substituted by others.

However, there is a vast selection of channels available, with more than 840 stations covering everything from cookery to crime.

When choosing a channel, a preview of the show in live mode, information about the channel it is on, a short summary of the program, the time the show started, and the finish time are all presented at the top.

See the chart at the bottom for further details; it includes a two-day prediction and an arrow that indicates how much of the program has already been shown.

Watch movies, TV series, and cartoons. You may rewind, stop, and pick up where you left off later. With the precise time shown on the side, searching for movies by their key title will prevent you from forgetting to watch them.

You don’t anticipate finding a speed test in this software. It can monitor connection speeds up to 50 MB per second, and it is already available. Additionally, it will identify your ISP. On the other hand, it is highly practical as movies sometimes fail to load due to Internet connection speed.



The TV network, America’s most well-known channel, provides applications for mobile devices as well.

You may view the most popular TBN programs for free using the app. The app includes all TBN channels that are aired throughout all areas, and they are all broadcast in live mode. Unfortunately, the app does not provide a prediction of the episodes that will be replayed later or even timecodes for when the show began and concluded.

However, you can enable subtitles on each channel, and they function properly. To ensure that your friends don’t miss any episodes, you may share each channel on social media or in your notes.

The TBN-produced programs are in their own category. It has every episode of every program they’ve ever produced. Shows may be downloaded or shared. There is a description for each show. The second category includes playlists with more than 10 nations and ten or more tales in each playlist, each of which is country-specific.

To fully experience their culture and environment, conversations are conducted in their native tongue, with English subtitles at the bottom.

There are interviews with the stars of this channel for devoted viewers. They chat about who they are, what inspires them, and how they became anchors.

You may search through all of this content starting with the second letter to discover the information you need.

TBN is very interested in news and newscasts. The most significant events that have occurred in the globe over the last several years are gathered in a separate category of news where all news programs are combined like soap operas. Both release date and alphabetical filtering are available for selections.


HeroGo TV

Dozens of really interesting channels are waiting for their viewers, for ease of navigation, channels are divided into categories, so even a child can easily find interesting content. The categories include:

  • Movies
  • News
  • Crime
  • Sports
  • Classic TV
  • Music
  • Kids
  • Entertainment
  • Asian TV
  • In Spanish
  • Reality

As a result, there is something to suit every taste. Each station has established time codes for the start and stop of every show, as well as a prediction of every program for today and tomorrow.

Each program has a ten-second speed adjustment option, and you may lock the screen when working or traveling.

There are so many different categories for movies that they wouldn’t all fit under one heading. However, each category has no more than thirty films. However, they all provide top-notch work and play with no breaks.

Everyone can locate their favorite movie, and the search engine that starts with the second letter is helpful, but it only sometimes works, and because there aren’t many movies, there won’t be many search results.

The shows are on a different tab. Seasons and episodes are used to categorize all series. The search button in the corner may be used to find episodes; each episode includes a description.

HeroGo TV1

Unlimited Streaming

The only app in the group that has gathered all the most popular channels for streaming without charge. The advertising are the only thing that cast a shadow. There are two Disney channels, TLC, MTV, History, Discovery HD, and more on the list of well-known ones. Simply said, the app’s feed is crammed with well-known trademarks.

There are no subscriptions necessary for this, however a lot of advertising will be there, both as you enter to view any channel and in the stream. But if you choose a station and begin viewing it, the advertisements won’t continue to show up.

This program lacks a player of its own; instead, it leads users to a website that has show and channel forecasts. However, for certain channels, the application displays content directly from its player.

The player only has the barest of capabilities; it can only broadcast to other devices, stop, rewind, and fast-forward 10 seconds. It can also flip to an upright posture.

This software lets you view movies and TV shows, much like other comparable ones. Each film’s actors, runtime, brief synopsis, and IMDb rating are included.

The movie is available for sharing, downloading, watching the trailer, adding to a playlist, and immediate viewing. The length of time it takes to download a particular title may vary depending on the movie you’ve chosen and the speed of your internet connection.

Notably, there is a category with the performers where there is a short biography of them and all the movies they appeared in that are in this app. Movies are sorted into categories.

Unlimited Streaming1

Crackle – Movies & TV

This app does not have a list of popular or unpopular channels that are available for viewing. In all honesty, the main purpose of this app is to view movies and paid programs.

For iOS devices, it allows totally pause-free streaming of films and television shows, which is alluring. You’ll discover a thorough summary of each movie, including information on the plot, actors, director, and screenwriter.

Each film may be bookmarked for later viewing or shared. There is no filter in the categories; however, you may sort by date of addition, popularity, or alphabetically.

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