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“Codes for AFK Arena Redemption (Complete List)


Are you having trouble progressing through the game? This page contains the most up-to-date list of all new functioning AFK Arena Codes.

Be fast to redeem active codes to get a large number of free goodies in your in-game inbox and have a head start in the game (unless you dislike receiving free presents).

Codes for AFK Arena that are currently active (Updated)

If you don’t want to miss out on any AFK Arena giftcodes, fill out the form below with your your address, and I’ll send you an email everytime a new coupon becomes available (No spam guaranteed).

Lilithgames modified the method you redeem coupons in AFK Arena on December 1st. The redemption code button has been deleted, and gamers must now access the prizes through an external website! Please follow the procedures below to get your rewards by using the active codes we gave above:

"Codes for AFK Arena Redemption (Complete List)

What is the best way to discover my UID in-game?

To visit the account information page, press on your avatar in the game (found at the top left of the screen), and you’ll find your account UID there:

Why are AFK Redemption Codes so useful in the game?

The majority of gamers utilize these free codes to gain a little amount of free resources and gradually build up their accounts. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate free stuff?

However, many players depend on them to build a powerful account at the start of new servers by making numerous new accounts and using the shared codes above to summon heroes until they get the strongest Heroes on the AFK Arena Tier List to compete with others in PvP activities.

Although doing so might make gaming lot simpler, I don’t advocate it since you won’t have enough time to enjoy the game because you’ll be always seeking for new servers with fresh chances.

Simply play the game regularly and take use of the free resources as a boost to your account’s strength.

There are many powerful teams that don’t need ultra rare heroes to function. You’ll never enjoy the game if you merely constantly pursuing the top-tier heroes everytime a new server is launched!

Frequently Asked Questions about the AFK Arena Code
Is it possible to cheat in AFK Arena?

"Codes for AFK Arena Redemption (Complete List)

Depending on the kind of cheat you’re seeking. There is no such thing as a gold/diamonds/power hack/cheat. They’re all fakes, so make sure you don’t fall for it.

The redemption codes we give in this post are the sole option to quickly improve your gaming resources.

Is it possible to use the codes on both the official and test servers?

Most of the time, the code can be utilized on both types of servers. There are just a few rare occasions where you won’t be able to utilize it on the test server.

When do Lilith dev’s new codes come out?

There is no set date for when the code will be released. However, the developer often gives the codes anytime a new update is launched, a new special event is approaching, or a major holiday is approaching!

AFK codes may provide you with a variety of benefits.

Each code offers a distinct set of benefits and has a different expiry date. In most special holiday events, players will get a substantial number of Diamonds, Gold, Rare & Elite Hero Soulstones, and even a particular Hero.

Here is a list of the most recent incentives that players may get by redeeming the new AFK Arena coupons that we supply.

Gift Codes from the Past (Expired)

Codes that have expired and are no longer valid. Please scroll up to the current list above for the functioning one.


So, in this post, we’ve shown the finest methods for redeeming codes in AFK Arena, as well as provided a comprehensive list of all the most recent codes. Remember to use our tips and instructions to get the most out of the prizes, making the game a lot simpler to play.

Hopefully, you’ve discovered some useful AFK Arena cheats on this page, and enjoy this fantastic game!

If you have any questions or concerns about the redemption process, please leave a comment below. We’ll do all we can to assist you!

Also, don’t be shy about sharing your new redemption coupons with others!

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