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11 free caller location tracking apps for mobile devices (Android & iOS)


Free Caller Location Tracking Apps

In the course of our typical day, we are frequently surprised by unknown callers. Depending on the context, these could be straightforward advertising messages, accidental calls from unknown numbers, or actual forms of harassment.

You shouldn’t just put it out of your mind if you want to identify the person who is making your life difficult and calling you from an unidentified number. In point of fact, it has the potential to cause persistent anxiety and even paranoia.

These days, there are a number of applications that make it possible to determine the identity of the person who has called you. You will know that it was a friend or acquaintance of yours who was just trying to make a joke about how stupid you are, and you will be relieved.

In addition to services of this kind, there are additional ones that give you the ability to ascertain the geographic location of the person who has called you. Not only is this useful for stalking, but you can also use it to find out if the other person is cheating on you and where he actually is by using it. We have compiled a list of 11 useful apps that will assist you in learning a little bit more about the individual who has called you.

Call Blocker, Fraud Detection, and Caller ID are all included in the Hiya app.

hiyaHiya is an application that provides high-quality protection against fraudulent numbers and fake calls that can be a constant source of annoyance. The application will automatically identify unwanted calls, at which point it will automatically block them.

In addition to this, the service is able to reveal the genuine telephone number of the individual who is calling you, regardless of the methods that he employs to conceal it. You are free to contact Hiya at any time should you continue to receive suspicious calls.

11 free caller location tracking apps for mobile devices (Android & iOS)

When you use the application, you won’t ever have to worry about your phone being in danger because it will also keep viruses at bay. You’ll want to add the phone numbers that Hiya provides to your address book and contact list as soon as you can.

The developers have built in a sophisticated mechanism that can identify potentially harmful numbers, which enables them to provide such reassurance regarding the system’s level of safety. The phone numbers of an unknown caller will immediately become clear, or perhaps you will immediately understand who is calling you. You will no longer inadvertently receive calls from spam or other unwelcome callers when using Hiya.

The Caller Location Tracker was developed by Crazy Softech.

When you receive a call from an unidentified number, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is, “Who is actually calling?” The application known as Caller Location Tracker will assist you in both determining the real ID of the person who is calling you and in identifying that person through the use of the location detection system.

If you use this application, you will be able to prevent incoming calls from unwanted numbers at any time. All you need to do is use it.

The most important aspect of Caller Location Tracker is that it does not need to have an active Internet connection in order to determine the location of the caller. You will see a particular location because the map is downloaded immediately after the application is installed on your device.

It is important to keep in mind that the information is provided down to the level of the city or district from which the call originated. You won’t get any more calls from them, so you won’t have to worry about being bothered by telemarketers, people trying to sell you things, or any other con artists.

Caller Location Tracker is able to identify anyone who is trying to get in touch with you as well as assist in identifying the person before you pick up the phone and speak to them.

TrueMobile Caller ID

The TrueMobile Caller ID application is one of a kind because it can track the location of your smartphone no matter where you are. It records your current GPS position in real time and stores a history of all of your previous movements in your smartphone’s memory.

It displays your route on Google Maps, allowing you to easily keep tabs on the locations you’ve been to so far. On Google Maps, you will establish your permanent appointments and visits.

11 free caller location tracking apps for mobile devices (Android & iOS)

TrueMobile Caller ID is able to function without an active internet connection and does not necessitate a continuous connection to the internet. It stores all of the information on a single device and does not upload any of your information to any remote servers.

When you first answer a call, caller identification is activated and displays the actual phone number of the caller. In addition to this, it identifies users who send spam so that you are not disrupted in your work by inappropriate phone calls. In the event that you inadvertently block a necessary caller, you have the ability to unblock them at any time with merely a few clicks.

Phone Locator Software for the Spy Phone®

People have always been fascinated by the idea of keeping tabs on another person. It gives the impression that you are not only gaining knowledge but also becoming a part of the life of the other person.

The Spy Phone app will give you the ability to monitor the whereabouts of other people, but doing so will require the cooperation of the target of your surveillance. The application enables a specialized tracking system for subscribers and provides the option to make use of a specialized alarm button.

The Spy Phone combines a number of features that will be of particular benefit to parents. You can send a help message, add a sound or a lost phone message, and more on your smartphone, and it will automatically send a geolocation message to another trusted person when the battery on your smartphone is running low on power.

You are even able to see who your children are chatting with thanks to a feature that copies and sends you a copy of their contact list. You will be able to see the location information for a maximum of seven people in the Quick Access panel of your smartphone. This will allow you to obtain the information you need in the shortest amount of time possible.

Locator for Mobile Numbers, Developed by SriApps

You can try using the Mobile Number Locator application to track these subscribers if you are receiving unknown calls from private numbers. You will see any and all unrecognized phone numbers, as well as STD codes, and much more.

Your smartphone will display subscriber data in real time, including information about the location, city, and mobile operator, in addition to the status of the smartphone at the present moment (on or off).

Mobile Number Locator gives you the ability to search for phone numbers from a wide variety of countries, including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and India, amongst others. It is difficult to obtain data that is more accurate in a short amount of time, so when a subscriber’s geographic location is detected, it is displayed on the map with the accuracy of a city.

11 free caller location tracking apps for mobile devices (Android & iOS)

Mobile Number Locator keeps a history of all your recent searches, so you may even look back at the locations you’ve looked up in the past. You may discover further information, such as your service provider or the county the call originated from, by looking through the call history in your phone’s settings.

Phone Tracker is a True Prank Call and Location Tracker all in one!

This program serves as the pocket manager for managing incoming and outgoing calls and messages. This program also gives you the ability to monitor the location of the person who is calling you, but only if both parties provide their consent.

At any moment, the user will be able to get in touch with her. In addition, the practical function of subdividing into groups will ensure that you do not overlook any relevant information.

The user will never have any difficulty gaining quick access to the chosen item in the list. The functionality of SMS Manager is quite comparable. Using “Add Fake Call” will add a call that never occurred to the call log. It is up to you whether you designate it as outgoing, incoming, or skipped.

Not only can you manufacture a fake incoming call, but you can also add a false outgoing call to the tale. Additionally, the user has the ability to add a fake to the SMS history, where it would be discernible if the SMS was sent or not. The Position & GPS tracker gives you the ability to store the location of a user and monitor how long the location was saved back.

Caller ID, also known as Phone Number Lookup and Call Blocker,

phone number search using caller id

The question is, who phoned you? Even if you didn’t answer the call, you may still find out who was trying to get in touch with you. The Caller ID program gives you the ability to detect any unfamiliar subscribers and displays the number of the person who really phoned you.

In addition to displaying the call screen, the program can search for phone numbers and prevent spam at the same time. Calls from automated systems or advertisements will not reach you since the program is designed to stop them.

You will be able to select whether or not to speak to a person by looking at the name that is shown on Caller ID when they call. Fraudsters and spam are instantly placed to the blacklist, which means the app may assist you in putting an end to calls that are both bothersome and pointless.

Having access to such a large database enables you to locate the majority of callers and discover their true identities. In addition to this, Caller ID gives you the chance to spruce up the appearance of your call screen in a little way. Within the program, you’ll discover a number of intriguing themes from which you may choose to customize the appearance of your calls.

Caller Identification, Phone Dialer, and Call Blocker

Calls are essential to the operation of many apps. This Caller ID service enables you to find out not only about incoming calls but also about SMS, both of which may be blocked or added to a blacklist by you.

The application’s database has more than a billion different numbers, all of which have been predefined for you. The program will assist in streamlining your conversation, making it easier for you to engage in while also making it safer and more fun for you.

You are able to examine the genuine identify of every subscriber if you are using an advanced search engine. Caller ID will work even if the other party makes an effort to conceal their phone number. Caller ID also monitors the caller’s position, so you’ll always know how far away the individual is from you when they call.

The same basic idea is used to SMS, as we have previously said; the individual text messages of each subscriber are identifiable, which helps to avoid fraud. You will have the ability to totally block a person in Caller ID, which means that neither SMS nor calls will come from that person in the future.

Phone number to address

Using this software, you will be able to determine the location of any subscription. In addition, in the event that the subscriber seems to be acting suspiciously, the user always has the option to ban them.

You are able to determine the subscriber’s position not just if the call was made from a mobile phone, but even if it was made from a landline phone in certain cases.

This function may be accessed in a variety of nations, including the United States of America, China, Canada, Great Britain, and a great number of additional countries. Within the identifying data, you will find the nation, city, state, and operator that are responsible for the incoming number.

In the options, you will see the option to customize the identification of unknown phone numbers. It is possible to arrange contacts in the app according to their location. This program will block any suspect numbers, such as those used by spammers or con artists. The app is useful in that it can be used even while not connected to the internet.

Within the application, you are able to choose several color schemes to use. It is not necessary to answer the call in order to see all of this information; the application will do so instead or in conjunction with the call.


There is a possibility that certain programs may save telephone numbers from your contact list and make them available to other users as well. Truecaller does not keep or disclose any of your information under any circumstances, and the app does not interact in any way with the data you provide.

Truecaller is able to determine the position of the caller in a stealthy manner, which is how it is able to follow their whereabouts and reject any unwanted calls at the same time.

This service makes use of a list of spammers who will repeatedly phone you and other users in an attempt to sell them something. This kind of call is automatically blocked by the program, and you are only connected to those people who you really wish to speak to.

11 free caller location tracking apps for mobile devices (Android & iOS)

Additionally, Truecaller enables you to speak with other people, such as your friends or relatives. Both parties will not be exposed to any risk as a result of this communication. You have the option of sending either the geolocation information of your friends or your own status.

Unknown customers will have their names and any other relevant information shown in the call history as soon as the call has been completed. As a side note, Truecaller is also capable of blocking SMS spam, which stops scammers from bothering you. Telephone sales agents are also immediately stopped, and you will not even be aware that they attempted to get in touch with you.

The Caller’s Location Based on Their Mobile Phone Number

Even via the texts, you can trace out the location.

Users are able to discover the location of an incoming number, as well as stop an undesirable call or letter, thanks to the app. After all, dealing with scammers or spam is something that nobody likes to do.

To further ensure that the user does not miss an important call, the settings allow for a flash and a loud vibration to be activated once a notice is received. You have to enter the desired number into the search area for the map to display it; otherwise, it won’t show up. This allows you to discover the caller who made the call.

By adding the number to a blacklist, you may prevent undesirable subscribers from signing up for the service both before and after making a call. In addition, customers are able to make free calls to other countries courtesy of the “HLR search” function, which is made possible by the fact that the application has country-specific telephone area codes.

The application offers an appealing user interface that may be customized in its entirety by the user. You may also build a unique call screen for the phone. You have the option of adding a frame based on an emoji or selecting one from the list of alternatives already available.

With the assistance of third-party services, you are able to effortlessly get rid of all of these bothersome things, including spam, phone fraud, stalking, and even plain annoying jokes. You are able to determine who is calling you from an unknown phone number, as well as their proximity to you based on the number that they dialed.

You can even learn the owner’s name if you look hard enough! You will be able to use these trackers to trace practically everyone who calls you and chooses to leave a message on your voicemail. In order to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the programs that are widely considered to be the very finest and most popular ones to use. The most important thing is to avoid initiating a chase after the caller in any way.

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