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9 Free Book Scanner Apps 2023 For Android & iOS

9 Free Book Scanner Apps  – scan scanned books book scanner text

You can get the digital format of any book or document you want by simply pointing the camera on your mobile device at the book or document you want to scan.

This new technological generation feature is called scanning, and it was developed to make it easier to convert paper documents into digital formats.

9 Free Book Scanner Apps 2023 For Android & iOS

The nine free book scanning applications have been compiled by us.

In the page on ticket scanners, you can discover information about further helpful scanning programs.

vFlat Scan

This application can scan any picture, including files, documents, and even books, onto a mobile device. You can quickly convert this text into a digital file by using the camera on your mobile device to scan it. The information will then be available to you in an electronic version.

This program features a technical mechanism that enables you to scan any files, making it incredibly multipurpose. In addition, the following is a list of some of the functions of vFlat Scan:

Using the search tool, you will be able to locate the essential books or papers that have been stored (or that have not been saved) by using keywords.
The pages and borders of the book may be scanned with the assistance of an automatic feature that can crop or recognize them.

You may convert scanned books and papers into PDF format with the help of this software, after which you can either store them to your mobile device or share them with users of other applications. In addition to this, the app provides you with many other useful features.

In addition, vFlat Scan makes it possible to utilize the book perception feature. This function allows the scanner to automatically recognize the faults of the book page, as well as its curvature and slope level, while still being capable of scanning the text that is wanted.

scan scanned books book scanner text

PocketBook Reader

This programme can read any digital file, including books and documents. This location’s attributes can create a portable electronic material scanner. Listen to scanned audiobooks in the same app.

When it comes to viewing electronic information, PocketBook Reader is compatible with every format currently in use. Additionally, the following is a list of other functions:

The capability of synchronizing all of your scanned data, books, and papers with your other electronic devices.

Using an ISBN scanner, one may search for the appropriate books using barcodes.

Reading in a variety of modes, including throughout the day and multiple nights

the ability to listen to scanned electronic information in audiobook format, in addition to a great deal of other functionality.

PocketBook is also beneficial because it has settings for the user interface. This enables the user to fully personalize the electronic version of the book for themselves, including the ability to crop or expand the margins, adjust the font size, select a dark or light theme, and select button icons, among other things.

In addition, PocketBook stores all of the scanned information in the app library, where you can easily locate any book or document at any moment owing to the intuitive navigation.

scan scanned books book scanner text


This is a mobile scanner that utilizes technologies based on artificial intelligence. This application has a wide range of capabilities, making it suitable for personal as well as commercial usage. You may forget about using mechanical scanners once you have FineReader and start relying only on this smartphone software instead.

You are able to scan any digital information with FineReader, and it supports more than a dozen of the most important file types, including PDF, JPEG, and a number of others. Additionally, this software is compatible with all forms of digital material, including the following:

Books (scanning, formatting, and reading) (scanning, formatting, and reading)
Absolutely every conceivable kind of papers (contracts, receipts, receipts, identity documents, etc.)

Photos (scanning any photographs with the camera of your mobile smartphone) (scanning any images through the camera of your mobile device)

In addition, FineReader has a feature for detecting scanned text. Utilizing the camera on your mobile device, the app’s capabilities will extract the text you need and then provide it to you in one of 193 different languages.

Additionally, FineReader has a library that stores all of the scanned information and organizes it into distinct folders, such as books, papers, photographs, and so on. There is also the possibility of distribution via formats (A4, handwritten notes, etc.).

Aside from that, this software comes with its own editing capabilities, which means that after scanning the picture, document, or book of your choice, you can then modify it and save it in a format that is more suitable for your needs.

scan scanned books book scanner text

Read and Learn

This software does not follow the standard pattern for its presentation. It was developed primarily for the purpose of reading books written in many languages and learning from them. Read and Learn is compatible with the most well-known book formats as well as archives (zip, gz, bz2, etc.).

It couldn’t be easier to learn using this program; all you have to do is aim the camera on your mobile device at the section of the book you want to study, scan it, and then obtain it in digital format.

You may also activate a feature called “memorize words” in Read and Learn. When you click on a word that you don’t understand, the app will quickly offer you its translation and store it. You may then build a flash card with this word on it so that you can better recall it.

Additionally, Read and Learn maintains its own library stocked with free textbooks and materials related to the study of international languages. You also have the option of constructing your own own private library out of the scanned books.

More than fifty offline dictionaries from across the globe may be accessed using this software. You also have the ability to modify translated materials and add your own comments to them inside Read and Learn.

scan scanned books book scanner text

Book Scanner

This application serves as a mobile scanner that is capable of handling a wide variety of document types, including books, receipts, invoices, and many more. Additional editing options for digital information that has been scanned may be found in this section.

The fact that Book Reader can identify the relevant texts in more than forty different languages is one of the many benefits that it offers. In addition, this area gives you the opportunity to make use of the manual correction function of the book frame (in addition to making use of the unusual bends), which gives you access to eight local and global control points.

This implies that you may check both your spelling and your punctuation inside the same application if you use Book Reader, which includes an integrated capability for examining scanned books and documents.

You may scan any texts by pointing the camera of your mobile device at them. In addition, you can download already existing files, documents, or photographs and then scan them. You will also have the ability to share files that have been transformed with users of other applications.

scan scanned books book scanner text

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner & OCR

This application, which was developed by well-known software developers, can scan electronic documents stored in any format. You will be able to transform your smartphone into a high-quality mobile scanner that also has the capability to edit scanned documents by using it.

Using this program does not call for any specialized professional abilities, since everything here is pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

In order to utilize Adobe Scan, you will need to direct the camera on your smartphone toward the book, paper, or even picture that you want to scan. After that, the software will scan the text you want and give it to you in a digital format automatically.

You have the ability to modify the scanned text of a book or document using Adobe Scan. There are all of the essential electronic tools at your disposal, allowing you to adjust the font and line spacing, trim the margins, and remove typos, among other things.

Users of Adobe Scan and users of other applications and messengers will be able to access and share scanned papers and books in a digital format. In addition, you are able to submit scanned digital documents in any format that is currently in use, such as PDF, JPEG, and so on.

scan scanned books book scanner text

Clean Scanner: Free PDF Scans

This program serves a wide variety of purposes and has a great deal of functionality. In various regions of the world, it is ranked among the finest programs available for scanning books and other types of documents.

You are able to scan any kind of digital or paper material using Clear Scanner, beginning with papers (receipts, etc.) and progressing all the way up to full-fledged books. This software does not impose limits on things like page count or file size, therefore none of those considerations is relevant here.

The scanned text may be edited with the assistance of a vast array of tools provided by Clean Scanner. These tools allow the user to trim the margins, enlarge the text format, and modify the text’s color, typefaces, and design. Additionally, this section allows you to share the converted documents with users of other applications.

In addition, Clean Scanner has an auto-save mode, which means that the program provides a separate storage area for any and all of the scanned books or papers that you have ever created.

You may also discover any text in the repository by entering the name of the text or the first few words of the text into the search field. This is the most straightforward method of navigating.

scan scanned books book scanner text

CamScanner- PDF Scanner App

This application for your mobile device serves as a general-purpose scanner. In this section, you will have the ability to swiftly digitize the text you need, store it, and then share it with users of other applications. Additionally, CamScanner allows you to connect to the local printer of your choice, allowing you to print scanned documents and even books.

The following is a list of CamScanner’s primary functions:

Text extraction, often known as the identification of alphabetic and numeric characters printed on paper and the subsequent scanning of these characters automatically

Capability to connect to any nearby mechanical printers and print converted digital material Huge selection of electronic tools for editing scanned books and documents in a variety of formats

Keeping scanned texts in a different section of the app’s storage and allowing for speedy browsing across that section, in addition to many other features

In addition, this software has a feature that safeguards the most essential scanned texts. You are able to set an extra password code in order to access a separate folder that contains scanned books or papers.

scan scanned books book scanner text

Genius Scan

This program, which serves as a flexible and multipurpose mobile scanner, can do a lot of different things. By using it, you will be able to scan any text in any format and volume absolutely anywhere, and then export the results to other applications.

Because the scanning procedure in Genius Scan is fully automated, there is nothing special that you need to do to get started. All you have to do is aim the camera on your smartphone at the text you want to scan while it is still in paper form, and the app will do the rest for you automatically.

Genius Scan allows you to handle multi-page contracts, scan massive volumes, and do many more tasks.

scan scanned books book scanner text
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