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7 free couple tracking applications available for Android and iOS in 2022


7 free couple tracking applications available for Android and iOS in 2022

Do you share your life with someone whom you love beyond everything else? That’s fantastic! But have you ever considered the possibility that they are spending time with someone else? It’s possible that your feelings of envy are warranted.

Because of this, it may be in your best interest to conduct surveillance on your spouse in order to determine whether or not you are being misled.

By the way, if you are curious about the most recent time that the people you care about used their phones or logged into their social media accounts, you can find out by using one of the 9 best last seen tracker apps for Android and iOS.

There are a number of excellent pair tracker applications available for both Android and iOS.

Life360: Find Family & Friends

Here we have the ideal application for determining a person’s location. This application is quite well-liked, as over 33 million people make regular use of it.

The real-time location is the most important aspect of this service. You will always be aware of the whereabouts of the person you care about, and vice versa.

Take a look at some of the most outstanding features that Life360 has to offer, including:

Alerts for urgent situations. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, you have a responsibility to communicate your predicament to your closest friends and family members. It is straightforward when using the SOS Button. Notifications will be sent to all members of your group who both have access to the device you’re using and are also members of your group. In the event of an automobile accident, this choice will prove to be really helpful.

Take a look at the map. When you launch the application’s map, you will notice that the position of your loved one has been indicated on it.
There are a large variety of languages that are supported by Life360, including Korean, French, German, Russian, and many others.

Despite this, you are able to test out all of the premium features at no cost. The trial period will run for a total of seven days, which should be sufficient time for you to determine whether or not you require these more sophisticated capabilities.

The size is around 115 MB, which, when taking into account the number of features, is not an excessive amount at all.


This is an excellent tool for keeping tabs on your loved ones, including your friends and family. mSpy’s primary functions are surveillance and the protection of your loved ones. This is a one-of-a-kind service that will provide you the ability to track the whereabouts of your loved ones and get an idea of what they could be up to at any given moment.

Let’s go through some of the most important aspects of the application:

GPS tracker that updates in real-time. You can keep tabs on your loved ones’ whereabouts by simply tracking their mobile phones. You will always be in the know regarding their position thanks to the location being updated every 20 minutes.

7 free couple tracking applications available for Android and iOS in 2022

Investigate the location history. This will shed light on the destination that your loved one is making their way to for you. In addition to this, the history will be maintained in the app for a period of three months, allowing you to examine the whereabouts of your family and monitor the patterns of behavior they exhibit.

Safety zones. People who have children will find that this is an excellent choice. You are able to denote the areas in which your children are expected to be (it can be their school or college). You will be alerted if the person’s phone is located outside of the zone.

The buttons for the alarm On the screen of your companion’s phone, you are able to place an alarm button. When things grow worse, or even more hazardous, he or she will have the ability to click this button to receive help. You are going to get an immediate alarm.

Keep an eye on the contact lists. You will be able to determine who they typically call as a result of doing so.
The software is free to download, but in-app purchases are available. It is possible to keep track of your relative using the default routines.

Those with iOS are the only ones who can download the app at this time.

Tracking Your Cell Phone Via Phone Plus

You now have access to yet another mobile phone tracker that will make it possible for you to keep tabs on your companion and determine whether or not he or she is trying to trick you.

On the other hand, its operation is based on a somewhat different premise than the applications that are featured below. It will not provide you the location based on the number, but rather on an SMS request that you make.

There is a free version of Cell Phone Tracker, in addition to a premium edition of the software. You will receive all of these features and more if you download the free basic version and install it on your computer:

Discover the most up-to-date location information for your friends and family members. You simply need to be familiar with one item, and that is their telephone number. They do not need to have the Cell Phone Tracker app loaded on their devices for you to be able to monitor and track them without them being aware of it.

Please let me know where you are. Using this software, you may organize your closest friends and family members into a group that you can then share with the world. You are free to disclose your current location at any time if you think it would be helpful for others to know where you are.

Couple tracker application

However, if you want anything that is more sophisticated, you will be required to pay for the premium version. Your one-week subscription to premium features will set you back $7.99. Tracking a location, on the other hand, may also be accomplished with the aid of more fundamental functions.

Only the App Store now stocks Cell Phone Tracker, so your best bet is to download it there.

Phone Location Based on Number

This software will serve as an ideal remedy for married couples as well as families. It is able to locate the position of each member of your family as well as determine the distance between them.

This is the most effective method for looking after your workers. You will always be there when they want your assistance, whether it is because they have been disoriented, gotten into trouble, or are dealing with significant challenges.

Why is it beneficial to give Phone Tracker by Number a shot? The following are the reasons why:

The mobile application may be downloaded totally free of charge. At the same time, access will be granted to each and every function. You do not need to unlock each function one at a time or spend any money in order to use it.

Experience incredible precision. When you request access to your partner’s location, you will be provided with details such as the street and sometimes even the home. so that you may view the address of the possible location of your relative.

You can enter the place by dialing the phone number provided. The application is compatible with every conceivable mobile service provider.

You may also check the remaining battery life on the devices that belong to members of your immediate family. This will assist you in determining whether or not any of your close relatives are experiencing difficulties and require assistance.

Receive alerts whenever the location of loved ones who matter to you changes. This will be helpful while dealing with younger children as well as elderly relatives.
The program is not very large; to download and install it on your smartphone, you will need around 23 megabytes of free space.
This is one of the more compact trackers that can be found on this list.

By the way, the 7 Best Habit Trackers Based on Covey Method Apps are an absolute need if you want to keep track of your routines and make changes to them.

You may obtain the program for free from the App Store, and then you can immediately begin tracking the whereabouts of your spouse!

Tracker for Couples

One of the most useful uses is presented here; yet, it is not very well known. Despite this, it can nevertheless provide you with a significant amount of information on your partner’s life.

To begin, Couple Tracker is able to track the position of the gadget, which reveals the potential location of the person being tracked.

Second, the application will inform you whether the user is currently connected to the internet or not. That way, you won’t ever be in the dark about whether or not the phone is being utilized.

The fact that the program is so lightweight and takes less than 3 megabytes to download and install makes it an extremely appealing choice.

There are no advertisements whatsoever, so you won’t have to deal with anything that may annoy you or divert your attention away from what really counts.

Only Google Play makes the app available to download. Get the download, and get to following!

couple-tracker-screen couple-tracker-application

Phone Location Based on Number

Using the person’s phone number is the most efficient and convenient method to monitor the whereabouts of a loved one, which you may use if you want to do so efficiently. With this software, the information will be available to you at the touch of a button.

You may also use the program to track where your young children and elderly relatives are at all times.

You should give Phone Tracker by Number a shot for a variety of reasons, including the following:

Couple tracker application

The mobile application may be downloaded totally at no cost. After the download is complete, you will have access to all of the features immediately.

Obtain knowledge on the location of your loved one. You are free to make as many revisions to the location as you see necessary. This will provide you the ability to see where they are relocating to in the future.
Find out when your relatives are in the area with the alerts you get. You will be able to keep track of the positions of your loved ones and arrange to meet up with them if required thanks to this.

Even while this isn’t the app’s primary function, it still may be able to assist you in locating your misplaced or stolen phone. The same basic idea applies here: in order to follow the phone, you must first catch its signal. Your phone number is the only piece of information you need to have.
On Google Play, the app has received 4.3 stars out of a possible 5. Users adore how easy it is to use and how efficient the features are. The GPS tracker functions with a reasonable degree of precision.

You won’t have to pay anything to get the program from Google Play where you may get it.

Tracker for Both Messages and Calls

Do you want to keep track of what your partner and you are doing together? If this is the case, you should give Message and Call Tracker a go.

Please be aware that the purpose of this software is not to spy on other people. The reason for this is that an alert will be shown at the very top of the screen of your partner’s phone when the notice is received. Because of this, you are going to need to ask them for permission before monitoring the device.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the features that are made available by the application:

This tool will allow you to view messages sent to you over WhatsApp or other social networks and follow calls. As a result of Google’s internal politics, the app is unable to read SMS at this time.

Investigate the previous conversations that have taken place. You will be able to gain insight into some communication patterns that are usual for your relative as a result of doing this. This information will always be accessible to anybody who needs it.

The application will not get you access to the passwords of other users. This indicates that you are unable to hack a device; but, you are able to examine the messages.

On Google Play, the application has received a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. They adore its straightforward operation of it. The fact that there are no extra buttons or confusing features that you barely ever make use of is a really wonderful feature.

You will just need 5 megabytes to download Message Call and Tracker in order to use it and take advantage of its many features.

You may start tracking your loved one as soon as you download the app from Google Play.

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