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5 of the Best Dating Apps That Don’t Include Photos (Android & iOS)


Finding true love using a dating app might be challenging, particularly given the notion of rating users based on their selfies.

This essay is for you if you are of the opinion that selecting potential dates based on their online profiles is unethical.

There are dating applications available for both Android and iOS that do not include profile images, allowing users to identify potential partners based on factors other than appearance alone. These applications enable you to form an initial opinion of a person based not on their outward looks but on aspects of their character.

The ideas behind these applications are derived from a variety of sources, ranging from written introductions to musical preferences. In addition, several of these applications enable users to maintain complete anonymity, making them ideal for covert dating.

The top five applications in the category have been compiled here for your perusal and consideration. Have a peek!


Let’s begin with a dating app that gives you the option to remain anonymous at all times.

It goes without saying that the app has a really original premise; it’s all about giving in to your deepest yearnings and letting the childlike, carefree side of yourself shine through. This app is the one to use if you’ve been seeking for a risk-free environment in which you can be entirely forthright about your goals. It’s a group of individuals who share your values and beliefs, and it’s a place where you can try new things without feeling embarrassed or scared.

5 of the Best Dating Apps That Don't Include Photos (Android & iOS)

Beyond that, the app allows you to remain anonymous with regard to your profile pictures; there is no need to do so here. Instead, you will need to be transparent about your wants and choose possible mates based on what they value in a relationship. Make sure you give some thought to your advertisement and try to be innovative with it; this is what draws in customers every time. Following a successful match, you will have the opportunity to talk to your companion.

The greatest part about this is that after a picture has been seen, the app will immediately remove any and all photos that have been shared inside the hat. There is no option for any of the photos to be stored in the phone’s gallery. You will also get a notification if your teammate intends to snap a screenshot of a conversation. Because the software enables you to choose a place anywhere in the globe, there is no need that you utilize your GPS data.


Next, we have a dating app that does not need users to provide pictures.

We are more than just faces, and it is not the greatest idea to evaluate one another based on the pictures that we use for our profiles. The principle is straightforward. To begin, there is an abundance of beauty filters that may alter our look in many ways. Second, and most importantly, the first impression that others get of us based on our appearance may be deceiving and inaccurate.

You won’t be able to see anyone’s profile picture while using this app, but you will be able to choose partners based on their personalities. However, this does not imply that you will not have the opportunity to establish a first impression since the advertisements will include a lot of information that is intriguing to the reader.

You’ll have the opportunity to provide information about your age, gender identity, height, hair color, connection with sports, degree, negative characteristics, and other personal details. In addition to this, you will need to write a brief introduction and be candid about the interests you like.

5 of the Best Dating Apps That Don't Include Photos (Android & iOS)

The next step is to begin swiping through the many advertisements in the hopes of finding that one special person. As soon as you have a match, you will be able to talk to one another using the chat feature.

Whenever it’s necessary, you may trade audio messages and pictures over the chat. Because this program is concerned about protecting your privacy, it will automatically destroy all of the photos after ten seconds. It is not possible to capture a screenshot of the image or store the picture in a gallery without your knowledge.

Masked Love

This is a dating app that allows you to remain anonymous while assisting you in finding the one.

The principle behind these applications is that you will be able to view people’s advertisements without having to register, so there won’t be any roadblocks in your way here. In addition to this, you do not have to log in to begin communicating with another user or to publish your own classified advertisements. The good news is that the application does not call for a profile picture to be uploaded.

Since there are no hard limitations for the advertising that you may post, you are free to write whatever that occurs to you. It is best to write a brief introduction that includes information about your name, age, interests, and the kind of romantic partnership you are seeking. Because the application has separate sections for heterosexual, homosexual, and polyamorous couples, you will also need to mention that fact.

You always have the option to respond to an ad posted by another user via the in-app chat if it piques your interest. You may also start a discussion on social media by sending someone a link to your profile or your email address so they can contact you there. Although the app is free to download and use, there are a few in-app purchases available.


If you were looking for a dating site that welcomes people of all backgrounds, you’ve found it.

Because the search for LGBTQ+ partners is allowed on this app because its foundation is the principle of acceptance for everyone, it provides a secure environment in which to do so. This application will not expose you to any hate speech, and you can be certain that your personal boundaries will be respected at all times. With this software, you may browse for potential mates based on what they have to say rather than simply how attractive they are.

5 of the Best Dating Apps That Don't Include Photos (Android & iOS)

The promotional video for this software is designed to seem like one of those old-fashioned personal advertising for dating services that used to run in newspapers. You won’t be able to swipe through selfies here; instead, you’ll be presented with text advertisements. People may use these brief messages to introduce themselves and be honest about the sort of romantic connection they are seeking for.

And if you’re already beginning to worry because you’re not very good at writing, I beg you not to, since you’re not the only one who has that opinion of themselves. Just attempt to be original while maintaining some semblance of honesty. You are also able to post personal photos to the app, but these will only be seen by those that you match with.


And last, we have an app that matches you with a potential romantic interest based on the music that you both like.

You may have guessed that the idea behind this app is pretty novel, and although it is open to criticism, why not give it a shot? What if it turns out to be your ticket to finding true love? The mechanics are simple; all that is required of you is to name some of your favorite songs, performers, and genres of music.

In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to design multiple-choice challenges for prospective partners to complete (that just helps to get rid of potentially unsuccessful alliances).

In addition to this, you’ll need to fill up your profile and specify the sort of romantic partnership you’re hoping to find. There is no need for photographs, thus there is no need to cut any shortcuts there. When it’s finished, the algorithm will begin to suggest possible companions who have preferences in music that are comparable to your own. You also have the option to switch between the buddy mode and the date mode.

The program makes use of your GPS to locate local advertisements, but you have the option to modify the search radius if necessary. After that, in order to give a person a like on their account, you will have to demonstrate that you are able to successfully navigate a maze that was created by this individual.

In the event that you need to, you may also send a message right immediately. It’s a match if you receive a response, and you may begin communicating with the person through the in-app chat if you do.

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