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11 Best Bike City Games for Android & iOS


The 11 Best Bike City Apps for Android and iOS

Cycling is a sport that is initially peaceful and relaxed. Mobile games with bicycles as the primary mode of transportation allow players to immerse themselves in the world of leisurely cycling. These apps can be used by anyone who wants to rent a bike.

Bicycles, on the other hand, can be thrilling if they are part of a race in which everything depends on your strength and strategy rather than the engine’s power. The finest racing bike mobile games are listed below.

Extreme 3D BMX Freestyle

This game is a realistic 3D BMX riding simulator. Many tricks can be performed on various stunt settings such as on-ramps, in bowls, and so on. Several stunt riding parks are available in this game.

BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D offers nine specialized steams with unique trick installations: you can train on them as well as try to perform a combination of many stunt parts, just like the pros.

Furthermore, you can design your own park to suit your needs: this game has a catalog of over 40 stunt constructions that you can use in your own park.

Keep in mind that your character can be changed and pumped. You can, for example, modify his fashionable attire to something more appropriate for freestyle BMX.

You can also increase your character’s ownership of his bike by allowing him to undertake more complex stunts or larger jumps.

BMX 2 Touchgrind

This is a vastly improved version of the original Touchgrind BMX game. More chips, settings, locations, and ski areas are available. You can drive at high speeds across a diversified metropolitan environment while doing the most challenging maneuvers not only on specific installations but also on skyscraper roofs.

In this updated version of the game, you can build your own custom BMX. Touchgrind BMX offers a large catalog with all of the parts needed for assembly, including wheels, frames, steering handles, and much more.

Furthermore, you may acquire special boxes, which you will open to reveal additional patches for your custom BMX.

In addition to the foregoing, there are other modes in this game, including multiplayer: you can not only practice skating and executing various tricks on your own, but you can also compete with your friends in various tournaments throughout the city.

3D Ciclis Lite

11 Best Bike City Games for Android & iOS

This is an arcade-style game that makes you feel like you’re in a genuine bike race. You’ll be able to compete with other riders in the peloton while the environment of the city changes around you, which will be digitally generated but based on real prototypes.

To be the first to cross the finish line, you must be not only quicker but also wiser than everyone else. Consider your strategy carefully, and choose your peloton position with caution, since even a headwind can prevent you from reaching the finish line first.

Furthermore, you should choose a traveling buddy carefully so that he does not turn out to be speedier than you.

Endless Highway Racer: Bicycle City Rider

This is a city-based bicycle race simulator. In this game, you must race against other bicycles for the title of best in the sport, speeding through city streets and highways.

The key element of Bicycle City Rider: Endless Highway Racer is that, in addition to passing all of your opponents, you must keep an eye on the countdown timer: if you do not reach at the finish line before the timer runs out, you will lose.

The game’s creators have offered a catalog with a selection of bicycles that you can test out in a bike race on your own. You can also change the race’s look, such as the weather, the time of day, and so on.

Bike culture!

This is a simulation of cycling in a city area. It involves not just a calm, regulated ride, but also a variety of stunts and maneuvering around other moving vehicles.

BikeLife! is a comprehensive exploration of the world of riding in all of its forms. You must cross the finish line without colliding with other vehicles and score the highest possible number of points, which will be displayed on the screen.

This game also has a multi-level system: complete new levels to unlock more challenging ones.

The graphics in this game are excellent, and the surrounding urban setting is well-created. You also have the option of collecting coins, which can be swapped for a variety of tricks that will aid you in your journey to the finish line.

Driving a BMX Bicycle Taxi in the City

This is a mobile simulator in which you can ride a BMX bike, earn gaming money, and do numerous chores and missions, such as delivering passengers and parcels to various city sites displayed on the map.

Furthermore, this game may be more than just a relaxing activity in which you accomplish computer-generated chores; you can make your BMX riding more interesting by speeding at high speeds and following the countdown timeframe provided for each assignment.

This game features extremely realistic graphics of the metropolitan environment, including authentic road markers, residential buildings, and surrounding buildings, among other things.

This game includes a suitable soundtrack in addition to realistic graphics to make your journey even more enjoyable.

Furthermore, to add to the game’s plot, the producers have included the arrival of regular clients who will always book taxi and delivery services from you, allowing you to earn even more game money.

BMX Rider is a bicycle racing game.

This is a highly functional game simulator of bicycle racing on the highway. You can play alone to perfect your skills, or enter world cycling contests and compete against other skilled users for first place.

This game has several modes: single, ring mode (for competing against users from all over the world), elimination mode (with a countdown timer, making the race even more interesting because you must not only defeat all rivals, but also meet the time), and multiplayer mode (in which you can compete with your friends).

There are a couple of other game modes as well.

Furthermore, the game’s creators provide a comprehensive inventory of various BMX bikes, ranging from frame changes to color schemes. You’ll also get fantastic graphics and incredibly easy controls that don’t necessitate any special skills or experience.

Evolution of Bicycle Racing

11 Best Bike City Games for Android & iOS

This is a cartoon 3D picture of a bicycle race. Because the main protagonists in this game are youngsters who embark on an exciting bicycle ride, it is best suited for children.

Bicycle Racing Evolution includes a wide range of places with varying scenery, including urban settings. You’ll have to navigate busy motorways, long suspension bridges, and a variety of other obstacles.

You can battle against computer opponents for the title of number one in bicycle racing in this game. Furthermore, you will be able to do a variety of stunts on your journey to the finish line.

Bicycle Racing Evolution has no complicated bike control or control mechanisms, so even young players will be able to learn how to play, compete, and perform stunts.

You’ll find a thrilling riding adventure here, as well as superb graphics and high-quality created items, as well as a vibrant palette of neighboring surroundings.

The Bike Rush

This is a free mobile game in which you must compete with other players in a bicycle race across city streets. You must pretend to be a professional cyclist who must reach the finish line first, avoiding not only rivals but also several obstacles.

The city streets in this game are beautifully rendered, giving the impression that everything is happening in real life. Remember that there will be several hurdles in your road that can hinder you from winning when developing fast speed.

You must be alert and quick to react to the shifting race track environment.

You can use numerous techniques in this game to go around the parameters and collect crystals, which can then be exchanged for various game upgrades. Several gaming locations with various atmospheres, landscapes, and topography have been supplied by the developers.

Bike Race

This is a run-style game where your character rides a bicycle. Because there are so many barriers to avoid, you must exercise greater caution. The game’s variation comes from the various geolocations and the chance to customize and upgrade characters.

In BMX Blast, you gather game coins while riding a bike, which you can then use to purchase new characters and enhance them.

Furthermore, this game has a set number of missions after which you will be able to raise your level and unlock a variety of improvements. You can acquire new motorcycles and upgrade them in addition to choosing characters.

It’s worth noting that there are built-in purchases in this app, which are dependent on extra character improvement and other game features, which you can disable through your mobile device’s settings.


This is a mobile game in the style of a bicycle racing simulator in which you must not only be quicker but also more alert than your opponents.

On your route to the finish line, you will encounter a variety of obstacles that you must overcome in order to reach the finish line.

This game features outstanding visuals, city streets that double as race circuits, and numerous obstacles. Furthermore, Alleycat offers the most basic control method available: your bike will turn in response to your finger movement on the screen (right or left).

Attempt to get at the finish line first, avoiding the waiting issues.

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